Happy Birthday Mom Poems

We are happy to present you a wonderful collection of happy birthday mom poems. It is a great idea to write one of these happy birthday poems for mom inside a greeting card for her due to a special day – the day of her birthday. All mothers birthday poems presented here will help you to express all your feelings of love and respect.
Such a creative way of congratulation will make the birthday of your mother very memorable. A day will of attention, love, slimes, and dear people will make anyone extremely happy and joyful. Make a special party for your mom, invite her friends and relatives and surprise her with these wonderful poems.

Happy Birthday Mom Poems

Happy birthday mom poems

This is a special message
For a person with a big heart and a lot of courage
Who tolerates me and holds me near
Even though I take her for granted most of the year
Your closest family and the best of friends
Are all here to lend
A helping had with the prep, food and wine
To celebrate the birthday of a mother so fine
There is nothing more left to do
But to say cheers to a great mom like you
Happy birthday ma

Happy birthday poems for mom

Mothers are darlings, they can heal all hurt
They are always caring and generous, never rude or curt
My mother too is a gem of a woman
She is the reason my life is so much fun
On your birthday today let me confess
Without you, our family would have been a mess
How did you pull us all through, year after year
Without letting sorrow and anger come near
You are my super woman, the person I look up to
Here’s wishing a happy birthday to you

Happy Birthday Mom Poems

Mothers birthday poems

You held me in your arms and kissed me gently,
The sweetest of kisses and the gentlest of touches.
May angels sing for you on your birthday,
And my love in front of you I lay.
Happy birthday mom for the person you are,
From a daughter who thinks you are a shining star.

Happy Birthday mom from Daughter

Birthday poems for my mother

The almighty gave to me, since the
day I was born, a very special gift ..
A gift so peaceful and loving
a gift full of kindness and care ..
A gift that I like to call Mother
one that has always been there.
Happy Birthday Mom, I Love You

Funny Happy Birthday Mom Poems from Daughter

All presented funny happy birthday mom poems from daughter are dedicated to your dear mother and her special day of birth. You should let your mother know how strong you love her with all your heart. Keep good and close relationships with your mother and use these quotes to express your sincere feelings.

Funny happy birthday mom poems from daughter

A Birthday gives us a reason
To celebrate the passing years
Because hurtling onwards towards
 the end
Should logically bring on tears
So here’s a wish I have Mom
That here, forever, you will be
I hope that you have many more birthdays
Indeed, I hope you outlive me
Well, I’m a guy
We do logic, not fluff
Happy happy birthday

Funny birthday poems for my mom

When I was a child
You made sure my birthdays were awesome
I kept expecting cool gifts and parties
Without knowing from where, the money would come
Not once, did you ever say no
To anything I asked for, ever
I can’t imagine how you did all that
As a working single mother
Now that I am older and more mature
I look back at those days
I feel blessed to have grown up under your wings
For you, there can never be enough praise
Happy birthday ma

Birthday poem for mom from daughter

Every day since I was born,
My mother cared for me.
Now that’s a lot of caring,
As anyone can see.

Please, Lord, protect my mother,
And keep her safe from harm,
For she is a cherished person,
With great wisdom, love and charm.

Lord, it’s my mother’s birthday
So please, help her to see
How much she means to us,
Her loving family.

By Karl Fuchs

Happy birthday mom poem on pics

I find myself wondering…
Did I give you your due..
For all that you’ve done for me
Did I ever thank you?
For all of my childhood memories
For helping me deal with life’s stresses
For helping me accept my defeats
And celebrate my successes?
Or for teaching me the value of hard work,
Good judgement, courage, and being true
The laughter, smiles, and quiet times we’ve shared
Did I ever thank you?
If I have forgotten, I’m thanking you now
You taught me right from wrong….
I hope you know how much you’re loved and appreciated
I hope you, instinctively, knew all along.
Happy Birthday Mom

Poem for Mom’s Birthday Card

Have a look at this poem for mom’s birthday card presented in this unique selection. Such mother birthday card verses can be inserted into your greeting card and presented to your dear mom. Make her feel special and the most important person in the whole universe.

Poem for mom's birthday card

 I can’t even imagine the sacrifice it took
For you to be a wife, mother, worker and cook
Working hard, making sacrifices to keep me happy
From sending me to school to changing my nappy
From the expensive toys to trips to the zoo
There is no one else to thank but you
Happy birthday mom

Mother birthday card verses

Mother, you had soooo many things to do,
From washing and ironing to tying a shoe.
You scrubbed, mended, cooked and sewed,
You kept us shod and you kept us clothed .

You were the doctor when we were ill,
Giving us a bandage, a hug or a pill?
You were the teacher when we had schoolwork to do
You gave us love and patience, too

Mother you had soooo many things to do
It’s no wonder that I soooo love you
In life you’ve really passed the Test
Coming out on top, the best of the best

Thank you sooo much
and Happy Birthday

Happy birthday mom poems from daughter

Bday card for mom with poem

A Mom is loved in a special way
for many, many things ..
For the way She’s supported, encouraged
inspired, and for all the joy she brings.
You’re a wonderful Mom
who is loved and treasured ..
For so many reasons
that could never be measured.
For the caring and kindness
that you always show ..
And for many more things
that mean more than you know.
Happy Birthday

Funny birthday card for mom with poem

You are brighter than the sunshine and calmer than the moon,
You brighten up our mornings and also our afternoons,
You are so special to us, words will never be enough to say,
You make us so happy each time you come to dance with us and play.
So a very Happy Birthday to a person so very dear,
May you always go around and spread your happy cheer.
Happy Birthday Mom

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