Happy Birthday Granddaughter Quotes and Images

Grandparents treasure their little princess like one of the biggest gifts. When the granddaughter’s birthday is just around the corner, it is the right time to prepare some lovely happy birthday wishes or messages for her. If you are short of time, here you may find the freshest ideas and greetings, including short happy birthday poems and the best birthday cards and images. There are also sayings to wish a happy 16th and 18th birthday to granddaughter. So, stop worrying and enjoy our free collection! We can guarantee that here you will find what to write in a birthday card.

Happy birthday granddaughter wishes from grandma

A granddaughter is a dear person that brings a special joy to your life, isn’t she? You teach her, help her to learn more about the world. We made sure that any happy birthday wishes and messages for granddaughter (the ones you can find below) would confirm one more time how much you love her.

  • “You deserve to win the “Best Granddaughter of the Century” Award every year, especially on your birthday! I love you! Happy birthday, my little award winner!”
  • “You are my little princess, my light, my joy. Happy birthday, sweetie!”
  • “My dear granddaughter, thank you for bringing so much joy into our
  • lives… Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, may you have a blast!”
  • “I want to wish you my granddaughter love, peace and happiness and a true sense of self-worth. I wish for you to have the self-confidence and strength to follow all your dreams. Happy birthday!”
  • “My dearest granddaughter, thanks for giving me another year of being a wonderful friend to me. On your birthday, I wish you everlasting happiness and all the good fortune this universe has to offer. I shall never stop loving you, my dear.”
  • “The happiness and joy you bring into my life cannot be overstated. For being such an amazing granddaughter, may your life always be as sweet as honey. Happy birthday.”

“This special
Birthday greeting
Is being sent your way,
With many happy wishes
For a truly perfect day
Happy Birthday!”

Happy birthday to my lovely granddaughter quotes

Cakes, candles, lots of balloons and sentiments are waiting for your granddaughter on her Bday. But we bet you are here to come up with some sweet things to say in a birthday card, aren’t you? Well, keep calm, sometimes even a nice quote like “Happy Birthday, my lovely granddaughter” is worth a fortune!

  • “Lovely sweetness and so much more, you’re the Granddaughter we’re cheering for! Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays to our favorite girl!”
  • “Gifts, cake, candles, and ribbons don’t seem like enough to celebrate the birthday of the sweetest Granddaughter in the world. Wishing you everything you deserve, honey.”
  • “Your innocent love heals our heart. Your cuteness drives headaches away. Your sweet voice cures out pains. With a granddaughter like you, we’ll never need a doctor. Happy birthday.”
  • “Until you were born, I saw princesses and fairies only in Disney movies. After you were born, I saw a real one. Happy birthday, princess.”
  • “A thousand of birthday kisses to my adorable little granddaughter that is sweeter than all the chocolate in the world!”



“Granddaughters are special
And you are special too
You know we love you very much
Just because you’re you.”
“A young lady you are today,
your birthday such a special day.
You are caring, a talent, and a credit to yourself,
we wish your day and future will be full of good wishes, luck and fortune”
“This special card is sent with love
especially to say…
The nicest Birthday in the world
is wished for you today.
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!”

Nice birthday cards for granddaughter from grandparents

Do you remember this moment when your beloved granddaughter was born? Cherish these sweet moments and they will always live in your heart. If you want to evoke those feelings, pick up one of the best birthday cards and images for your granddaughter.







Christian birthday wishes for granddaughter

A holiday without wishes and quotes is boring, especially when it comes to your granddaughter’s birthday. It does not matter whether you choose Christian birthday messages or simple birthday cards with quotes to greet your lil princess on her special day. Be sure that your grandchild would be glad to read something like “Happy Birthday, my beautiful granddaughter!”

  • When you have the best granddaughter in the world, it is greedy to ask for more from God. Happy birthday, my dearest granddaughter. May happiness always be present in your life.
  • When God looked at the world he created, he said “I think we’re missing one perfect Granddaughter.” That’s when you were given to us. We have praised Him ever since.

May God’s awesome blessings
Be upon you this day
And for the future years ahead,
May His blessings never fade
In every area of your life,
May God abound much more,
So you may be a fruitful vine
With the abundance of the Lord.

  • There is always a lot of pride in every thought of you,And on this day,I want to wish you warmest wishes and a special prayer that God will always bless you and keep you safe.Happy birthday, princess!
  • May you be blessed this next year in special ways at just the right time. I hope your first blessing is a great birthday.
  • I said a little prayer that you would have a happy birthday. Let me know if my prayers are answered.

The best rhyming birthday verses and poems for granddaughter

The granddaughter’s birthday is one of the happiest holidays that she has been waiting for the whole year. Why don’t you make it much more cheerful then? It is really easy to do with a set of funny birthday rhyming verses for granddaughter. The short poem is a free and fast way to say “Happy Birthday, my dear granddaughter”.

Happy Birthday Granddaughter
“A greeting couldn’t hold more love
than this one sent your way…
To wish you all the nicest things
on this, your special day.”

“Sent with love, to bring you
much happiness and cheer…
to celebrate your Birthday
the best day of the year.
Somehow you bring the sun along
whenever life is dull ..
And in return, you’re wished a day
that’s simply wonderful.”
“A Granddaughter is someone
To think about always,
For thoughts of her bring warmth and cheer…
A Granddaughter is someone
To thank so much always
For being so special all year…
A Granddaughter is someone
To care about always And wish worlds of happiness to…
A Granddaughter is someone
To love so much always,
That is, if she’s someone like you. Happy Birthday!”
“A little girl as sweet as you,
Deserves a special treat,
Especially on her birthday,
To make her day complete,
May your day be full of giggles,
Birthday cake and more,
For you’re such a special granddaughter,
Who we love and do adore.”
“You’re such a special Granddaughter
Of that, there is no doubt,
The kind that lucky Grandparents
Are proud to boast about…
You’re always very happy
To stop and chat a while,
And brighten up the room
With the sunshine of your smile.
It’s true to say you’ve often heard
How dear you are, but then
Just can’t resist this special chance
To tell you so again. Happy Birthday!”
“Your cheeks are soft like peaches
your lips a cupid’s bow
your eyes, like stars, they twinkle
at everyone you know.
We have the most darling granddaughter
and such a beautiful girl
we could never find another jewel
anywhere in the world.
Happy Birthday, Granddaughter!”
“Oh how you’ve grown into quite a young lady
From boy shorts to lipstick and dresses of navy
They say that time flies, while I say they’re crazy
Today is your birthday, let’s get to raving!!
Happy Birthday”
“Hope you spend today enjoying
all things that you like best…
And celebrating in the ways
that bring you happiness.”

Granddaughter birthday greetings and Bday sayings  from grandpa

Grandpa is an important man in the family: his advice, experience and love are valuable. However, sometimes even for such a strong man it becomes a big problem to find the right words to greet his grandchild. Do not worry, here we have some interesting greetings for granddaughter on her birthday from grandpa.

  • “I always thought the most joyful day was the one I became a father. But it is nothing compared to the day I received my little granddaughter. It was a heart-warming experience to hold you in my arms. A feeling so magical and heavenly. Happy birthday lovely!”
  • “The only job your grandpa would love to do without being paid is to be your full-time babysitter. Happy birthday little one.”
  • “I am so grateful for all the joy, love and wonderful surprises that you bring into my life, my dear. Wishing you a fantastic birthday with lots of happy and unforgettable moments!”
  • “I look at you every day and there’s no doubt in my mind that you get your awesomeness from me, your awesome grandfather. Enjoy your birthday.”
  • “Today is another day of cake and candles for you. Make sure it matters by having as much fun as you want. Happy birthday, my dearest granddaughter.”
  • “Whenever I think of you, my heart lights up with pride. You have always amazed me and always seem to achieve greater heights. I want you to know that I love you very much. Happy birthday my sweet granddaughter.”
  • “You are an angel, sent down from above. A precious gift that’s full of love. Happy Birthday to my precious granddaughter!”

Happy 18th birthday messages to my granddaughter

The 18th birthday is a step to the adulthood, the time full of surprises and new emotions.  Despite the age, your granddaughter will always be a baby in your eyes. But don’t cry! Take a look at some lovely sayings to wish happy 18th birthday to your granddaughter.

  • “Every day I thank God for you. Now that my little girl is turning 18, it’s hard to know where the years went, but I know that the best is yet to come.”
  • “As we celebrate your 18th birthday today, I just wanted to let you know that I shall forever be proud to call you my granddaughter. May God bless you and keep you happy every single day of your life.”
  • “This is a very special day for you. Turning 18 is no ordinary milestone; it is the time when your life truly begins. Enjoy all the beautiful things that await you in this great phase of your life. Happy birthday.”
  • “May your birthday be filled with all the love, blessings and joy that you so richly deserve.”

Happy sweet 16th birthday quotes for granddaughter

Have you ever thought why people say Sweet 16th Birthday? Because it is the sweetest time when everything is filled with opportunities and new experiences. Any granma will definitely find what to say on this special day once she reads our cute happy 16th Birthday quotes to granddaughter.

  • “Happy Sweet 16th Birthday! Much love and many good thoughts being sent your way. You have a beautiful life ahead of you and it’s only just beginning! Enjoy this very special day!”
  • “Happy Sweet 16th Birthday. May you be surrounded and all-encompassed in a massive sea of joy, love, family, and friendship. You are truly one sweet girl!”
  • “On your 16th birthday, it is my wish that God will bless you with a prosperous and happy life ahead. May your heart and soul always know true happiness.”
  • “This day is a special day for you, have a bless year ahead, happy sixteenth birthday.”
  • “May you have another year and a full of laughter, wishing you a happy 16th birthday.”

Happy birthday granddaughter images with wishes

Nothing makes a birthday more joyful than receiving a colorful birthday card with heart-melting wishes from the closest people. Agree? Well, lucky you, we have prepared some colorful birthday images which will definitely make your granddaughter’s Bday brighter and happier.