Gifts for 10 year old Girls

If your daughter, niece or anyone else is 10 years old, it can be a problem to choose a good gift for her. The thing is, there are too many possible options here and it’s very easy to get confused by the thousands of cool gifts.

That’s why we’ve decided to make your life easier and gathered the best of the gifts for 10 year old girls here — so look at the text below and choose something up to your purposes and budget! We have everything here so you would 100% find a gift that will make every 10 year old girl happy.

Let’s start.

The most popular toys for 10 year old girls

If you are looking for a win-win solution, here is the place you need. At this category, we’ve collected three toys, each of them would be a great choice — they are very popular and you’ll hardly find a 10 year old girl who wouldn’t like them.


It’s the true trend of last years, and we see no reasons why it should lose its popularity in 2018. Check this one — it’s the best hoverboard we could find on Amazon. All the hoverboards are here.

TOMOLOO Hoverboard 6.5” Wheel

TOMOLOO Hoverboard 6.5 Wheel

It’s not too big, not too expensive, it has LED lights, Bluetooth, and music. It’s also a very safe hoverboard so even a 10 year old girl will not fall from it.


Why not? All the kids love bikes and we are sure that the girl you are looking a gift for isn’t an exception. The category is here.

Diamondback Bike

Diamondback Bike

It’s pink, it’s quite cheap, made of an alloy and it’s the next step after her first bike. A perfect road bike for a 10 yo girl.


Buying a doll for a girl is a very complex decision (unless she tells you what exactly does she want to get). But if you aren’t sure about the type and the model of the doll, this Barbie toy would be a perfect choice.

Barbie Dreamtopia

Barbie Dreamtopia

A doll with three amazing outfits, a dress and a very high quality, as usual — that’s what we can say about this doll.

This doll is very pretty and it’s one of those gifts you can give without any problems. All the girls love them.

Another top-list of the birthday gifts for a 10 years old girl

Here we’ve collected another three gifts. They are cheaper and would probably not be the best choice for your daughter bday, but there are hundreds of other possible cases, right?

Diary with lock

Girls have always been writing diaries. Of course, now this tradition has changed because of the Internet and devices, but who said that traditional diaries became a thing of the past?

Secrets, Dreams and Wishes

Secrets Dreams and Wishes

It’s a perfect book where a girl can write her thoughts and secrets down — it looks amazing, it has a lock so the secrets will remain secret, and, well, it’s a high quality product that will not disappoint her.

Nail polish set

All the girls love polishing their nails and yes, 10 years old love doing this, too. Check this cool set out (we’ve chosen the best one!) or look at all of them and choose something up to you!

Make It Real Dream Set

Make It Real Dream Set

The box looks cool so it would be a great gift. The set itself is quite fine, too — she will learn how to make manicure and pedicure with it, and all the necessary things (nail polish, glitter, nail dryer, etc.) are here.


Puzzles are great — they help to develop the brain and to improve cognitive function. They are also beautiful and seem like a perfect way to make something together with a child. Here is the link to the Amazon category of puzzles so you can find something else.

Disney Jigsaw Puzzle

Disney Jigsaw Puzzle

24×18 inches puzzle (when completed) will make your girl’s room unique. It’s quite big (750 pieces, exactly what you need for a girl) but it’s not one of those 10,000 puzzle monsters.

What are the best gifts for a 10 year old girl?

We have the answer in this article. In this category we’ve collected something really cool — sneakers with LED light, a backpack and a bracelet. Choose one or three and make your girl happy!


It’s another trend of the last years. Girls&boys like such sneakers so if a girl you want to find a gift for hasn’t got them already, you are in the right place.

Dream Pairs Led Light Fashion Sneakers

Dream Pairs Led Light Fashion Sneakers

The design is very good, the material is fine, too, and the lights are quite bright. One charge is enough for 6 hours, a girl can change the colors of the LED lights and, well, it’s a very good gift. Don’t miss it.


Even if everything is fine with her previous backpack, why not buy another one? They are cheap, small and beautiful, and the girls love when they receive something new. Check all the backpacks out here.

JiaYou Flower Backpack

JiaYou Flower Backpack

It’s a cool purple backpack that would work fine for all purposes. It has a lot of pockets and it’s really comfortable. What’s more, you can choose the size and the color of the backpack. Check it out!


There are hundreds of different bracelets (you can look at them here), but we’ve chosen a personalized one.

Crystal Dream Personalized Bracelet

Crystal Dream Personalized Bracelet

It’s a bracelet, made of sterling silver, with small Swarovski crystals and pearls. Choose a 6” size and make the best gift in the world — the girl will 100% be happy because of her name on a beautiful bracelet.

Looking for some great presents for 10 year old girls?

It’s not about jewelry and clothes only — you can be a little bit more original! Look at these three original, not very expensive but still amazing gifts!

Room decor

It’s probably not the best gift for a bday, but if you are looking for something that would be a cool surprise during the rest of the year, room decor is a good choice. Make her room great again! If you don’t like our example, you can find something by yourself here.

Glow in the Dark Stars

Glow in the Dark Stars

And we’ve chosen this option. With this little stars, the girl will feel like she’s under the stars now — and it’s a great thing to make her room even better. Cheap, beautiful, great surprise.

Swing set

Want to bring even more fun to the life of your 10 year old girl? Then you should stop searching, because you’ve just found what you need. Look at this swing set (or at all of them on Amazon) — that’s a perfect reason to go outside together and to have fun.

Jump Power UFO Set

Jump Power UFO Set

It’s a perfect swing set for 1 or 2 kids — the bar can hold up to 180-200 lbs which is enough even for 2 people.
Easy installation and assembling, amazing look and lot of fun — you just can’t skip this swingset.


Not a real one, of course. It’s all about the stuffed animals — because girls love them during all their lives, especially when they are 10! The same is about unicorns, so it’s a win-win mix.

Aurora Flopsie Unicorn

Aurora Flopsie Unicorn

It’s a big and beautiful thing, and they are perfect for hugging and cuddling. The colors are great and the material… Well, you have to touch it with your own hands.

Some cool toys for girls age ten, maybe?

Dollhouses, make up sets — in this category, we’ve collected three multi-gifts, three “universal soldiers! I’m talking about it because each of these gifts would be a great present for the absolute majority of the girls around the world!


Many believe that only boys like building toys. Well, that’s not true.

LEGO (you’ve heard about this brand, right?) has a lot of offers for the girls. They have many construction sets that are designed for girls from 6 to 12 — it’s like the Sims video game, but better, because it’s real!

Stephanie’s House

Stephanies House

It’s a house with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office and other rooms. Four figures are included, and it’s a great building toy, with no doubts.


There are lots of dollhouses. They are different from each other — different sizes, brands, styles, material and dozens of other things makes the choice quite difficult. However, you can always click on the link and watch the category of the dollhouses on Amazon.

KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse

KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse

There are three floors in this house and to take the dolls upstairs, your daughter will need to… Use the gliding elevator. Seriously, this house has an elevator in it! The piano plays music, the lamp lights up — it’s like a real house, but a very small one. She’ll love this gift.

Make up set

All the girls like taking their mother’s makeup, but it’s not the best thing to do — such makeup isn’t good for children’s skin, and of course, mom wouldn’t be glad to see her expensive pink eyeshadow on her daughter’s face (or on the floor). To avoid such situations, the manufacturers have created the children sets — and we are proud to present one of them to you. If you don’t like it, check the category out, they have hundreds of them!

Girl Power Deluxe Washable Makeup Set

Girl Power Deluxe Washable Makeup Set

Lipsticks, blush, foundation, eyeshadows, pencils, blushes, applicator, puff and lots of other things are here. That’s a great gift.

Unlike the adult’s makeup sets, this one is not toxic — but of course, you’ll still have to supervise the process.

What about some good Christmas gifts for 10 year olds?

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the whole year, so it makes sense that you can’t leave a child without a gift, whether it’s your daughter or your relative. That’s why it’s time to choose the Christmas gifts — and we’ve already done all the job for you.

Board game

Board games are one of those things that are never enough or boring. However, you have to choose a game carefully. Here is the category where you’ll find all the card games on Amazon.

Nightmare before Christmas board game

Nightmare before Christmas board game

It’s not just a game, it’s based on the 1993 animated film, which is called the Nightmare before Christmas. If you haven’t watched it together with the whole family, this game is a perfect reason why you have to do it before Christmas!

What’s more, your daughter can play with you or with her friends, which is another cool thing.


A dress is a very traditional gift for a girl. You can choose something here, but first, check the dress below out — we’ve chosen it very carefully and you will love it. Just as your 10 years old girl.

Sittingley Mint Blue Dress

Sittingley Mint Blue Dress

It’s the original Sittingley dress, which would make your girl a real princess. Made of lace satin, this dress isn’t just beautiful, it’s also a high-quality thing that would suit every girl.
Check the sizes carefully!

Check the price!

Bracelet maker kit

Would you like to make a cool bracelet together? It’s really fun, and it’s a cool hobby that isn’t limited to your kids only — you can make bracelets, too! If you want, you can look at all of them (available here).

Choose Friendship

Choose Friendship

A very good gift for a girl, and a good chance for her to have a real hobby.
But be careful, if you buy this one, you’ll soon have dozens of these bracelets in your home!

What about a fun card or board game for girls age 10?

You can play together with your girl, she can play with her friends or alone — it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that these games are cool and full of fun, so a 10 year old girl will not become bored. And you will not, too!

Card game

Card games are fun and they are a perfect choice for the party. This game would work well if your 10 year old daughter is going to have a party with her friends, for example.

Not Parent Approved

Not Parent Approved

It’s a word game, and it’s really funny. According to the description, it can grab the attention of the new, screen-obsessed generation — and it really can.

Sleepover party game

When your girl plans a sleepover party, you can help her — and there are dozens of the games you can buy. We’ve chosen the best one.

Sleepover Party Game

Sleepover Party Game

Cheap, funny, simple. This game will make the sleepover even better, and that’s exactly what a lot of 10 year olds need.

Song game

Is there a 10 year old girl doesn’t like singing? We are sure that all of them love this! If your girl is a future singer, too, buy her one of these games. Or the one we’ve chosen for you.

Spontuneous Song Game

Spontuneous Song Game

One player says a word, the other player sings a song with this word. Sounds quite simple, but it’s a very interesting game, especially for children.

Choosing presents for your 10 year old niece

Nieces are brilliant, because they take after their aunt, hear that? Well, choosing a gift for a niece can be a problem… But it’s not anymore.


It sounds a little obsolete, but even now, in 2018, when every child has a tablet and an iPhone, a book is still the best gift. What about the best book in the world?

Harry Potter Complete Series

Harry Potter Complete Series

Most likely, your niece has already written these books. But if she hasn’t, you have a chance to make the gift that will change her whole life!

Art case

If your niece likes painting, crayons and cases would be a great choice. The list of crayons is here.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

It’s an amazing set. 120 markers, crayons and pencils, colorful and beautiful storage — even if your niece isn’t into painting, she has a chance to love it!

Chocolate pen

Of course, that’s not what should give to your niece for her birthday. It’s just a small, cheap and quite a fun gift. You can choose by yourself here, but rest assured: we’ve already chosen the best one.

Chocolate Pen

Chocolate Pen

There are more than 0.5 lbs of chocolate here. The other piece of good news is that your niece can paint with that (and then eat what she has just painted) — absolutely meaningless, but a funny gift.

Looking for some really cool toys for a ten year old girl?

Seems like we’ve already described everything possible, right? But here you’ll find another three cool things: roller skates, liquid floor and cool pink web camera. Wanted some cool gift ideas? Here they are.

Dance floor mat

If your 10 yo girl loves dancing, it’s probably the best choice for her. Such mats are safe, nontoxic, and they look amazing!

Art3D Play Floor Tile

Art3D Play Floor Tile

It’s filled by cosmetic liquid, it’s anti-slip mat and the installation is extremely simple, like, you’ll only have to put it on a floor.

Another good thing about it: your child will love it and spend hours with it, we guarantee that.

Roller skates

Roller skates are perfect if your girl knows how to use them. Well, if she doesn’t, it’s not a problem — just learn her how to do it (the learning will give you lots of happy minutes). Choose skates and make a cool gift!

Disney Soy Luna Roller Skater

Disney Soy Luna Roller Skater

Yes, Disney is the manufacturer, so these skates are 100% original. The quality is very high, the look is gorgeous and the envy of the friends is guaranteed.

It’s one of the best gifts for a 10 year old girl, no doubts.


Children like making photos and videos — they often know all the modern bloggers and of course, they try to be like their heroes. You can help your child — just buy her a camera and she’ll be happy with that!

Ourlife Waterproof Camera

Ourlife Waterproof Camera

It’s pink, it’s waterproof, it films HD videos and it’s a great gift for a girl. Memory card and fastening strap are included!