Birthday Wishes for Wife

Probably, every woman deserves to hear the best birthday wishes. Every man wants to congratulate his wife or girlfriend in the best way. Probably, you should prepare some awesome gifts to please her. You can add to your gift, some greeting cards with the wishes of the happy birthday wife. Birthday wishes for wife should be sincere and unusual. You can find some suitable pictures on our website.

Happy birthday images for wife

As long as I have you by my side there isn’t anything in the world that can stop me now. To a supportive wife and a beautiful life partner like you, I take a bow. Happy birthday.

All the riches in the world are useless without you and your love! Happy birthday to the diamond of my life!

You taught me the true value of love in life. I am so lucky to have a wife like you. Happy birthday, dear!

I look at the sparkle in your eyes that grow greater every day, and I know that truly life has smiled at me. In you I have found love, happiness, comfort, friendship, partner and confidant. Happiest birthday my love!

There are just so many things to love about you my dear wife. You’re the woman of my fantasy and I can never imagine my life without you beside me. I love you, happy birthday!

From being my crush, my girl friend, the woman of my dreams, to my wife – what did I do in my life to deserve such a blessing? Happy bday, love.

Happy Birthday Wife

Happy birthday wife

How did you become so extraordinary? How did you become so stunning? How did you become so wise? How did you become my wife? How did you become so precious? Happy birthday my perfect bride!

On your Birthday today, I realize that I have lived one more year with the prettiest woman in the whole world. Happy Birthday beautiful!

You are another year older, wiser, and even more beautiful… I love everything about you and hope you have the best year yet. I love being able to call you my wife!

There is nothing that I want more than to spend the next one hundred birthdays of yours by my side. I love you my sweetheart, happy birthday!

I will fall in love with you over and over again if need be, you are a woman no man would want to do without. Happy Birthday treasurable wife. Enjoy and have lots of fun.

Birthday wishes for wife

I am not going to take any selfies with you, because age hasn’t touched you and I don’t want to be the only one looking older. Happy birthday.

On our journey of life together my love for you is getting stronger and stronger. I am so thankful that you are next to me all the time, happy birthday to you!

You are charming, adorable, sexy, loving, you are my everything. Stay blessed and keep smiling. Happy birthday darling!

I send you warm and loving wishes, that your birthday may bring with it the best in life. May today be the beginning of everything good in your life my precious wife. Happy birthday!

There might be several hundred ways to greet you on your birthday, however the best one for me is to give you a tight hug and the longest kiss. Happy birthday my dear wife.

Husband Wishing Wife Happy Birthday

If you want to congratulate your wife with funny birthday cards, it would be a nice way to show to her your love. Just choose a greeting card with touching words or poems about love and relations. You should check out our collection of husband wishing wife happy birthday quotes. Still, you may give to your wife a cute toy.

Husband wishing wife happy birthday

I didn’t know that being married could be so much fun! Before, I imagined it to be boring and mundane. Well, not when I’m married to such a fun-loving, crazy and amazing woman! Wonderful bday.

When you look at me, you look into my soul. No one else does that. Happy birthday my wife.

You have tolerated me and my shortcomings. You have tolerated by limitations and idiosyncrasies. You have tolerated my annoying habits and my mistakes. You are the pillar and support in my life. Happy Birthday to the best wife in the whole world!

I wrote on your Facebook wall to make it official. Happy Birthday, my beautiful wife.

You make my heart sing with your sweet smile. You make my heart skip a beat when you touch me. You make me crazy. Happy birthday to the most important person in my world.

Your life was good when I wasn’t in it, but you took me into your life to share in its beauty and awesomeness. Happy Birthday wife. Thank you for sharing so much with me.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife

Romantic birthday wishes for wife include romantic and sincere words. You can make a handmade card, using poems from our site as an example. Your wife will be pretty convinced that she has the best husband ever.

Romantic birthday wishes for wife

The way you juggle everything is an amazing feat. You are the only reason why our family feels happy and complete. Happy birthday to the woman so beautiful, mom so loving and wife so sweet.

My dear, you know I want to give you the best of everything in this world not only on this special day, but every single day, happy birthday!

You always are a wonderful guide, you are my best friend but more than that you are a wonderful wife! Thanks for everything you are in my life! Happy birthday, dear!

The greatest dream-come-true in my life, is having you fall asleep and wake up in my arms. You are my life, my treasure and the best treasure I have. Happy birthday my sweet wife!

My wife, your birthday is a sweet reminder that our marriage is all about looking forward to the years that lie ahead. The past will no longer matter, what’s important is I have you here. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes to My Loving Wife

Happy birthday wishes to my loving wife are the best way to show to her your devotion and regard. On our website, you can find different birthday wishes and print them out.

Happy birthday wishes to my loving wife

I don’t need to hear those three letter words from you every day. For every single thing you do for me, it resounds of love and devotion. Wonderful bday.

You have made my life full of surprises. Thank you for making it special every day. Happy birthday to wife.

My dear wife, you make every day worth living. I cherish all the special moments spent with you as they will remain etched as loving memories forever. Let’s celebrate this special moment like there’s no tomorrow. Happy Birthday to you!

If Doc Brown pulled up alongside me in his time machine and asked where & when I wanted to go… the day we 1st met so I could fall in love with you all over again (& then I’d probably ask to go back to the Wild West—who wouldn’t want to rob a bank with Wild Bill Hickok?!). Happy Birthday, wife!

 I love you so much my dear and there is no words that can express how I feel. Happy Birthday to you and I wish you many more birthdays to come.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Wife

Such birthday wishes will be suitable for people with the great sense of humor. Funny birthday wishes for wife include ridiculous poems or jokes about the birthday. This way, your wife will remember such congratulations for a long time.

Funny birthday wishes for wife

It is rare nowadays to find women that have kept themselves pure for a very long time, but you surprised me so much with your purity. Happy Birthday to my perfect wife.

 A birthday is incomplete without a toast, and here’s mine for you – As a mother, you’re the sweetest. As a woman, you’re the prettiest. As a wife, you’re the best. Happy birthday.

As you are celebrating your special day, I want to tell you how wonderful wife you are. Without your love, sweetheart, my life would not be complete, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, love! Your party is going to be wildly fun tonight. It will be the best party you have had yet!

Whatever life has planned for me- my greatest joy is that you will always be by my side. For this, I celebrate. I celebrate our love, our marriage and the blessing of having you as my partner. Happy Birthday my darling wife!

Some people will read quotes to find the real meaning of life. As for me, all I need to do is look straight in your eyes. I love you my dear wife, happy birthday!

Sweet Birthday Wishes for My Wife

The easiest way to come up with something that she will remember for a long time is to bare your feelings. You can write some touching words on the greeting card. Birthday cards with sweet birthday wishes for my wife are suitable for women of any age.

Sweet birthday wishes for my wife

They say that you have to fall in love with the same person every day to make a marriage last. It’s such an easy feat for me since I’m married to a wonderful and adorable woman like you. Best birthday.

When I saw you I knew that you are the one for me. You have made me the happiest husband in the world. Have a perfect birthday.

My heart beats an extra beat today to wish you happy birthdayBecause you are the reason it beats every dayHappy Birthday sweetheart!

Wife, for your birthday I have decided to give you something you have been wanting and pleading for years for. I hereby swear to no longer take my iPhone into the bathroom. See, my love for you knows no bounds!

Dear, I want you to know that you still look hot even after all these years that we have been married. I can certainly not imagine a more beautiful wife than you. Happy birthday, my dear!

With you every day is a day to enjoy something new and special; you are never tired of making our home new every day. Happy Birthday darling wife. Enjoy this special day.

Wife Birthday Card

Don’t you want to remember your lessons of arts and crafts and try to make a marvelous wife birthday card? Undoubtedly, your wife will appreciate your care. You can use various ornamental materials for the décor and create an adorable birthday card for wife by yourself.

Wife birthday card

Heaps of years have gone by since the day we got married, but you still look as beautiful as the moment I saw you walking down the aisle. Happy birthday.

I am much happier because I share my life with you. I hope our happiness will last forever, happy birthday, honey!

Special thanks to an angel who changed my life, you truly made my life bliss! Happy birthday my love.

The greatest dream-come-true in my life, is having you fall asleep and wake up in my arms. You are my life, my treasure and the best treasure I have. Happy birthday my sweet wife!

I may be blinded by your love, but it has actually opened my eyes for a better future. I love you my wife, happy birthday!

There are many things in my future that I look forward to – watching our kids grow up and conquer their dreams and playing with our grandchildren. But most of all, it’s waking up every day beside you until we are old and wrinkly. Happy birthday, my dear wife.

Birthday card for wife

I won the best prize when I met you. I won the best wife when I married you. How did I get so lucky? Happy birthday darling!

I wake up every morning and thank the good Lord for Him bringing you into my life. Jerry Maguire said it best ‘you complete me’. Happy Birthday, my beautiful wife. I love you always and forever.

I know you have a lot of things to do, so I’m going to go ahead and take them off your hands and do them for you. Happy Birthday – I love you!

Every man needs a woman that will help them plan life and give meaning to it. I am happy I find that woman in you. Happy Birthday my life. Enjoy the greatness of the day.

With you as my wife and the mother of my children, I wouldn’t have life any other way. My lifelong promise towards our marriage and family, is what I ceremonially renew again on your birthday.

Birthday Images for Wife

Bday images for wife

Birthday pictures for wife

Romantic birthday images for wife

Romantic birthday pictures for wife

Happy birthday images to my loving wife

Happy birthday cards to my loving wife

Happy birthday pics to my loving wife

Funny birthday images for wife

Funny birthday pictures for wife

Sweet birthday images for my wife