Birthday Poems for Husband

How are you going to wish your husband a Happy Birthday? Of course, you have already spent hours on shopping to buy a nice gift for him. However, presents are not able to tell how much your husband means for you. So, express what is deep in your heart with a help of romantic happy birthday poems and wishes for husband and father with love. Some really funny birthday poems for husband from wife are also available in our collection. Go ahead, this Day must be memorable!

Funny Birthday Poems for Husband from Wife

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and surprise your dear husband? Then, forget about sweet quotes and messages and try a funny Birthday poem for husband from wife. These hilarious greetings will cheer your honey without a doubt!

Around your birthday our kids cry
Around your birthday cake, fly die
Your hunger views just annoyed
While some kids begged to be enjoyed
Big problems we have to include your health
It leads to problems of your wealth
While most of us are greedy for the cake
Too many of us became needy
We complain and cry without a hitch
Because here on Facebook, we only rich


Check your Facebook page
And you will be able to see
In my life what you
Really mean to me
Check your Twitter feed
And you will realize
How you are my most
Precious and treasured prize
Check your Instagram
To understand that you are
My hero, my darling
My life’s superstar


My dear hubby, happy 18th birthday!
What! You are not 18 anymore?
You have aged more than two score?
Oh! Well, you are still 18 to me,
Such passionate and foolish!


You are my prince charming
Like a male hen in farming
You like birthday sweets
I love your way of treat
Mostly you catch boring ideas
I love to convert it to fantastic ideas
Now it’s your birthday again
I got a headache and pain

Romantic Happy Birthday Poems and Wishes for Husband

Your husband’s birthday is a nice occasion to express loving feelings towards your man. We can convince you that these romantic happy birthday poems and wishes for a husband will make his heart beat faster.

My Dream

You are my every dream come true,
My wish granted from high above,
Waking up every morning with you
Is like falling once again in love,

On your birthday, I want to cherish
Memories we’ve created till now,
As much as I plan to nourish
Our glorious dream to fulfill each vow.

Happy birthday to my husband, who keeps the romance in me alive always.


There is so much
I want to tell you today
My heart is overflowing
With things, I want to say
There is an abundance
Of feelings, I want to convey
Maybe I’ll tell you over
A romantic glass of cabernet
Happy birthday


Love is a beautiful feeling,
for it is you, giving it.
My heart in never reeling,
for it is you, holding it.
Every day has turned wonderful,
for they are spent with you, my love.
And today is especially colorful,
for it is the birthday of my dove.
Happy birthday!


As Time Goes By

It’s your birthday,
Another day to realize,
That time is flying away…
Another day acting as a measure
Of this wonderful time, we’re having together,
Another day when I should let you know in writing
Along with whispering in your ear with a sigh,
That I love you more and more as time goes by.
To my husband who is, fortunately, the love of my life,
Happy Birthday, Love!


To my Husband

I wonder if you really know
How much you mean to me,
For you have made me realize
How happy life can be
And when we are together
Or if we are apart
You’re always in my thoughts dear
And forever in my heart.
Happy Birthday!

A Love Poem to My Husband on His Birthday

Love – is one of the biggest power in the world, which can change us and make better. The heartfelt wishes will let your husband know how much he is loved and admired. A love poem for a husband is an ideal option on his birthday that will be enjoyed and appreciated.

Birthday bliss is you

Birthday bliss starts with you
And I will start with a wonderful kiss
You are my destiny I know
You are my life and words to show
You are my support I cannot do without you
With you, everything seems so new
Baby when you are around I have my love
Baby when you are around I feel so blessed
So blessed to have you in my life
Happy birthday to my love
Keep smiling through!


I don’t know if there is an afterlife,
But if there is one,
I wish with all my heart,
That on it I want none
But my husband behind me,
You are to me always fresh and new,
I wish a happy birthday to you!


Holding your hand warms my heart.
Kissing your lips ignites my soul.
Making a promise, never to depart,
I rely on you, to make me whole.
Another year, and another birthday,
an additional candle lights up the cake.
Need not to count those candles today,
So just enjoy the glow they make!
May this birthday be the best day of your life!
Happy Birthday, My Love!


Thinking of you especially
now your Birthday’s here…
Of how much, you mean to me
throughout, the whole year.

And it’s hoping you know one thing
that will be always true…
There’s no one else, in all the world
who loves you, like I do.

Happy Birthday Husband


Birthday Love

The special day that you were born
Is filled with many pleasures;
Our attraction and our caring bond
Are my life’s greatest treasures.

Your birthday brings me happiness
And fills me with emotion;
My gift to you is all my love
And unshakable devotion.

Cute Birthday Poem for Husband and Father with Love

To be a good father and husband is a great responsibility and work that is not for everyone. You may think that he is a strong man who does not like sentiments, but it is not true. Every man will be happy to get a wonderful poem with a caption ‘to a loving husband and father’. Do not miss this chance!

Today is your birthday,
and we want you to know
about all of the love
that you always would show.
You taught us the lessons
of life that are meaningful,
the right things to do
and to see ourselves as beautiful!
Happy Birthday, Father!


These greetings for your birthday
are coming to express…
That you deserve, to have a day
filled with happiness.

You’re always very thoughtful
in the things, you say and do…
So, it’s no wonder that the best
is always wished for you.


Happy birthday, to the best man around,
Happy birthday, to the best man to be found
He’s strong smart, and good-looking, too
We love him to death, our big daddy—wouldn’t you?


Wishing for you the most
perfect day!
A day like so many you’ve
given our Family…
.. Filled with smiles
and warmed by love.
Happy Birthday with Love, Dad!

A Great Variety of Religious Birthday Poems for Husband to Write in a Card

The religious Birthday poems for husband possess a special charm and convey a deep meaning. They will uplift his spirit and bring strength and courage to cope with any problems.  Pick any of these Christian birthday wishes to greet and protect your sweetheart!

The blessings of God
Are given to you
In the everyday things
That friends say and do
Especially today,
They abound even more
To lighten your heart
As you trust in the Lord.


On your birthday,
I pray to Lord to bless you
with wisdom, loyalty, and generosity!
Happy birthday, sweetheart!


May God’s many blessings
Be poured upon you
As you celebrate today
And the years that follow too
May you have a real sense
Of God’s hand upon your life,
Leading you and guiding you
As you walk with Jesus Christ.


May the glory of Jesus
lighten up your life
and you feel the love and compassion of God,
on this special day of yours!
Be happy and stay blessed!
Happy Birthday to you!

Meaningful B-day Card Verses for Husband on His 50



50th Birthday is one of the milestone birthdays that can’t be spent as an ordinary one. These B-day verses for a husband who turns 50 represent a fascinating mix of inspirational, witty and motivated wishes.

You are the most beautiful
Fifty-year-old that I have seen
Jealous, for the way you have aged
So gracefully, I have always been
I may not be with you right now
But my heart always is
Please accept my wishes
Along with a virtual hug and kiss
Happy 50th


You are so lucky by the way
Every year you wish
One more year
On your every birthday
Now you are going
To celebrate your 50th
Could you wish next 50 years?
All together for your upcoming bd’s
So you may pray or your wife too


The things we feel the deepest
Are the hardest things to say
But dear husband you must know
How much I love you anyway
And now that it’s your 50th
I’m hoping you’ll know too
How much I’m wishing happiness
With all my heart for you.


Five decades, half a century,
Years failing to find their hold,
Lie conquered, well-traversed,
Behind your steady gait.

And still remains your youthful glow,
Tomorrow’s moments to conceive,
Love to share and life to live,
And wonders to await.

The Best Short Happy Birthday Poems for Hubby

You might be surprised, but not only women enjoy feeling special on their birthdays. Even a short greeting full of tenderness, warmth, and love can touch your husband’s heart and soul. It is really easy to achieve with the best short happy birthday poems for hubby.

On Your Birthday

On your birthday, I am so very happy
to have shared life with you another year,
basking in the special light of your love.
May your birthday be filled
with joy, satisfaction,
and the kind of amazing happiness
I feel whenever I’m with you


This Birthday wish
comes just for you
to say how much I care…
To tell you that I’m thankful
for the special love we share.

All my Love, Happy Birthday Darling


I may never be able to become
A wife as amazing and awesome
As the hubby, you have been to me
And changed the course of my destiny


Happy Birthday Darling

I fondly remember the day we met,
And our love has not seen a dip as yet.
I pray to God for keeping it alive,
For you are the reason I took a dive.
Into a relationship of bond and trust,
Happy birthday hubby, you are the best!


You’ve always stood by me holding my hand,
Even when the days were rough, you helped me stand.
You taught me how to live life without giving a damn,
Today on your birthday, I just want you to know how lucky I am!
Happy Birthday, hubby. I love you so much.