Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Getting your boyfriend a gift for his birthday is stressful as it is. It is literally impossible to read his mind and to figure out what he really wants, but don’t you worry. Here we are to save the day! If you are in a panic mode, these birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend will set you off to a good start! No matter if you two have been dating for a week or for a year, we’ve got you covered with some of the most original options! These gift ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday are everything from cute to incredibly practical, so you are in for a treat. You can be sure that these will get you some major girlfriend points!

1. A Card Case

A Card Case Photos

We all know that boys are not huge fans of fancy purses, right? But they still have to keep their money somewhere, don’t they? Well, why don’t you give them a nice smart card case that would be perfect to keep all the credit cards in!

Price: $24.97

2. Dinosaur Taco Holder

Dinosaur Taco Holder Images

This taco holder is perfect if your boyfriend is a true taco lover. Get their Mexican game up with the ultimate holder!

Price: $10.80

3. Pizza Slice Neon Sign

Pizza Slice Neon Sign Illustrations

A neon sign is a great idea if you are looking for some great 18th birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend. It looks super stylish and yet is funky enough to pass for the most unique wall decoration! Your BF is sure to enjoy this fantastic present!

Price: $209

4. A Pair of Boots

A Pair of Boots Photos

A sick pair of Timbs says ‘I love you’ like nothing else! They are very good quality and are extremely practical, so your boyf will never catch a cold anymore.

Price: $139.95

5. A Turntable

A Turntable Illustrations

If your man secretly wants to become a DJ, get him a nice turntable! Now good quality tunes are available for you two 24/7 – how great is that?!

Price: $37.52

6. A Portable Speaker

A Portable Speaker Photos

And if your boyfriend is more of a fan of modern technology, then he would surely enjoy this speaker. It’s great if you are looking for some 20th birthday gift ideas for him, because a really nice high-quality gadget is just what he would love!

Price: $72

7. A Fidget Cube

A Fidget Cube Photos

If your other half never knows where to put his hands, then this little guy will come in super handy. It is SO satisfying to use, you would be jealous of him and would want to get a fidget cube of your own! Get the present of a lifetime for just 6 bucks!

Price: $5.99

8. Beeropoly

Beeropoly Photos

Beeropoly is such a hilarious game – just like Monopoly, only a true treat for adults! Celebrate the party of a lifetime with the help of such an incredible board game.

Price: $39.95

9. Ray Bans

Ray Bans Images

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more like a nice pair of Ray Bans, right? They are a classic choice and will protect your dear’s eyes in style!

Price: $143

10. Bluetooth Speaker System

Bluetooth Speaker System Photos
Now, we already have some music players in here, but here is that something in-between – it is both retro and portable and, most importantly, plays music as if it comes from the heaven. Your boyf will definitely enjoy a present like this!

Price: $149.99

11. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer Images

There’s nothing that keeps experiences as vivid as when they just happened! You can print your most favourite photos from your phone so that the memories stay forever!

Price: $129.95

12. A Mini Movie Projector

A Mini Movie Projector Photos

Well, what says romance better than a good old movie night? With this projector, you are going to take those to a whole new level!

Price: $99.49