Birthday Gift Ideas For Boss

Shopping for your boss’s birthday can be quite tricky. You can’t figure out what would be funny and what would turn out borderline inappropriate, so here we are to help you draw the line. With this selection of birthday gift ideas for your boss, you will get a handful of ideas of what your boss would absolutely love to receive for their birthday! Of course, everyone’s relationship with their boss is different – they range from the most horrifying supervisor to being your best friend in the whole universe. But bosses are not just your higher-ups – they are your mentors and your biggest inspirations and we are guessing you want to show your admiration for them? Well, don’t you worry then – this list of 20 birthday gift ideas that would be fitting for your boss – no matter whether they are a man or a woman, – is here to help!

1. A Planner

A Planner Images

A good quality planner is pretty hard to stumble by, but this one has it all – it will serve the purpose from 2018 to 2019, has a slot for a pen, is made from high-quality paper, is of a great size to slip into a bag. Oh, and it’s pretty as well! If you want to go all out, you can look up a designer one – something from Kate Spade would be perfect!

Price: $19.67

Get the planner here!

2. A Password Journal

A Password Journal Pics

Your boss already has enough chores as it is – spare them the time and give them some space to write down all the passwords they have. And, trust us, they have plenty!

Price: $9.95

Get the password book here!

3. A Zen Garden Kit

A Zen Garden Kit Illustrations

Work is stressful enough for everyone – especially if you are running a company or managing a handful of people. People ‘in charge’ really need to get their chill back and this zen garden might just help them!

Price: $29.99

Get the zen garden here!

4. A Business Card Holder

A Business Card Holder Images

Bosses need to give out their business cards in order to have the business flowing nicely. But where should they keep all their thousands and thousands of cards? This is your salvation then!

Price: $7.99

Get the business card holder here!

5. Stationery Organizer

Stationery Organizer Images

This stationery organizer is perfect if your boss has A LOT of stuff that needs to be put somewhere. Now your boss never has to worry about where they left their phone or keys, given the fact that they already have a lot of items to worry about!

Price: $7.99

Get the stationery organizer here!

6. A Nameplate

A Nameplate Photos

Now, this one could be either hilarious or offensive, so you’d better figure out what kind of a sense of humour your boss has. Signs like this are pretty sassy, but if they fit your boss’s personality, they would serve a treat!

Price: $32.95

Get the nameplate here!

7. A Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

A Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket Illustrations

They say a gift basket is perfect when you are in two minds about what to give them for their birthday. You can get pretty much any gift basket there is – take this one, for example. This one’s full of Starbucks gourmet coffee and we both know that coffee is what one survives on.

Price: 36.57

Get the gourmet gift basket here!

8. The Brilliant Ideas Launch Pad

The Brilliant Ideas Launch Pad Pictures

Your boss has to have some brilliant ideas floating around their head. And the best way to keep track of them is to write them down! One can’t help but pour out all those fantastic thoughts with a notepad like this one! It helps refine all the ideas and put them on a path to actually achieving them.

Price: $3.50

Get the brilliant ideas launch pad here!

9. A Boss Lady Mug

A Boss Lady Mug Photos

A mug is always a good idea. More so, if you are looking for what to get your boss for her birthday! She might be the big boss, but she is still a lady. Remind her that she is lovely and loved with your present, will ya?

Price: $21.86

Get the boss lady mug here!

10. A Scratch Map

A Scratch Map Photos

With this, your boss will plan out their next trip with a lot more fun! They will scratch off and marvel at the many places they have already been to, as well as the ones they are yet to see! Having a nice and elegant design to it, the map is a perfect gift for any occasion, especially if it’s your boss’s birthday!

Price: $29.99

Get the scratch map here!

11. Decision Maker Paperweight

Decision Maker Paperweight Images

Bosses always have to make decisions of some kind, don’t they? Well, why don’t you get them a paperweight that helps them decide for their birthday? With this, it will take your boss seconds to answer you – and nothing speeds up the process like a fast thinker!

Price: $28.49

Get the decision maker paperweight here!

12. Paper Clips

Paper Clips Photos
If you are looking for something little to add to your present, then a set of cute paperclips is just what you are here for! Whilst still serving their purpose, they look really interesting AND are rose gold! And who doesn’t love rose gold office supplies?

Price: $8.89

Get the paper clips here!

13. A Throw Pillow

A Throw Pillow Illustrations

Everyone needs their beauty sleep, especially the most hard-working bosses! It’s nice to have a bit of a rest from time to time, so why don’t you give your boss the motivation to do that?

Price: $8.88

Get the pillow here!

14. A Wine Stopper Set

A Wine Stopper Set Images

Let your boss finish their wine in style with these amazingly beautiful wine stoppers! Nothing says success like some nice kitchen accessorizes, right?

Price: $12.99

Get the wine stoppers here!

15. Sunrise Alarm Clock

Sunrise Alarm Clock Images
Let your boss come to work in time with this beautiful alarm clock! Not only does it work as your standard alarm, but it also has some smart features – it has a special light installed that wakes you up in the most gentle, gradual way possible. It slowly brightens up until you are fully awake and that makes you start your morning in the best mood. And what do they say about good mood? The higher the mood, the better the productivity!

Price: $27.99

Get the sunrise alarm clock here!

16. Luggage Locator

Luggage Locator Pics

This luggage locator ‘goes to sleep’ when your plane takes off and ‘wakes up’ when it lands! It’s amazing if you always lose your bag – you now are able to track it with the help of modern technology. You receive either a text or an email even when your bag is headed your way on the carousel. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android and is altogether perfect if your boss is constantly away on a business trip!

Price: $39.97

Get the luggage locator here!

17. Wooden iPhone Speaker

Wooden iPhone Speaker Photos
Is there any better way to take a break in the middle of a busy day than by jamming to some of the greatest music hits? Well, your boss will now be able to do that because you are going to present them with the greatest speaker of all – the wooden one! It will never run out of charge and is eco-friendly!

Price: $9.99

Get the wooden speaker here!

18. Magazine Rack

Magazine Rack Images

Extra storage is something that can never go unnoticed. Whether it’s the numerous paperwork your boss has to go through every day or for a couple of magazines that include all the interviews they are featured in, this rose gold magazine stand would be perfect! Add to their office interior with such a glamourous accessory.

Price: $32.49

Get the magazine stand here!

19. Leather Desk Set

Leather Desk Set Illustrations

Nothing says ‘organized and successful’ like a nice and sleek desk set. Make your boss look even more professional with such a fantastic gift! Oh, and it’s leather as well – it is sure to serve your higher up for years to come.

Price: $264.43

Get the leather desk set here!

20. Personalized Flask

Personalized Flask Pics

We could all do with a drink at the end of a stressful day – and your boss could even sneak some whiskey with this personalized flask! Who knows – maybe they will share a swig with you, huh?

Price: $27.50

Get the personalized flask here!