Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend

If you are struggling to come up with some birthday gift ideas for your best friend, you have certainly come to the right place! Besties can be incredibly hard to shop for, we know it like no one else. The sheer volume of all the available options can be so daunting that you will stop wanting to go to that birthday party after all. But there surely has GOT to be something that always reminds you of your BFF – maybe this gift guide will might come in handy? These cute birthday gift ideas for a best friend will perfectly show off just how attentive and thoughtful you are, so go get reading!

1. A BFF Keepsake Journal

A BFF Keepsake Journal Images

This diary is specially designed for you two to fill in! You will for sure find the prompts in this book ridiculously funny. This keepsake journal is made up in a question-and-answer way that was specially created for best friends to fill out together. This book has got everything – you can both write in it and draw in it, which will unleash your creativity like nothing else!

Price: $15.93

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2. Guzzle Buddy

Guzzle Buddy Photos

Searching for an appropriate gift for a wine lover? This little thing over here would turn any regular bottle of wine into a huge wine glass! And don’t look so unimpressed – it’s not a cheap party favor. This guzzle buddy is made from some high-quality borosilicate, lead-free glass. The best wine is always the one we drink with our besties, right?

Price: $21.99

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3. Coffee Chews

Coffee Chews Pictures

Looking for a perfect gift for a true coffee addict? Well, look no further – these chewable coffee cubes will make your friend squeal with happiness! Each of those contains about half a cup worth of caffeine and you can choose different flavours – anything from a latte to pure drip! These chews are also great at improving the performance and balance of the dizziness you might get from caffeine and create a well-rounded and extremely focused feeling for those who choose to chew their coffee.

Price: $39

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4. Adele: Live at Royal Albert Hall

Adele: Live at Royal Albert Hall On Photos

Now, if your bestie is a true Adele fan, then this DVD will be right up their street! This disk features a whole 90 minutes of songs, plus some deluxe behind-the-scenes footage shot throughout the day before the actual concert, which we now can definitely call legendary.

Price: $19.88

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5. Kate Spade ‘Bridesmaid’ Engraved Idiom Bangle

Kate Spade ‘Bridesmaid’ Engraved Idiom Bangle On Pictures

This bangle would be a perfect gift if you want to announce that you want your BFF to be your maid of honour. Engraved jewelry is definitely there with some of the best birthday gift ideas for a female best friend, so why don’t you take a chance to show you just how much she means to you? Tell us what she thought!

Price: $40.60

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6. The Boyfriend Pillow

The Boyfriend Pillow Images

So what she is lonely? If your best girl friend is having a hard time believing she is going to meet the right guy, why don’t you present her with a bit of support? A pillow would be great enough, but a BOYFRIEND pillow would be just fantastic! But be cautious if she doesn’t seem to get most of your jokes – she might take this one as an insult!

Price: $28.22

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7. A Rose Gold Cocktail Set

A Rose Gold Cocktail Set Images

Looking for some birthday gift ideas for your best girl friend that are not tacky and won’t make her gag from disgust? Well, you’ve surely come to the right place! This rose gold cocktail set would be just great if you two always crave a G&T in the middle of the ‘he is a knob’ story – you’ll be able to make them yourselves! And yes, he is such a knob.

Price: $66.99

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8. GLAMGLOW Bubblesheet Mask

GLAMGLOW Bubblesheet Mask Illustrations

Everyone knows that a Glamglow mask works wonders. Your bestie quite likely has dreamed about one or two of those, so why don’t you go ahead and give her one as a gift? And this bubblesheet one is super fun as well! All together a great gift for someone who enjoys a great deal of self-care.

Price: $9

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9. Luau Pineapple Cheese Knife Set

Luau Pineapple Cheese Knife Set Illustrations

If your BFF is a huge fan of wine and cheese nights, then she would find this present just perfect! Your regular nights will be even more fun with this set of pineapple-themed knives, plus they look VERY instagramable.

Price: $64

Buy the pineapple-themed cheese knife set here

10. Fill In The Love Journal

Fill In The Love Journal Photos

If you are looking for the best way to express your love to your bestie, then this journal is your perfect choice! This little book contains some fill-in-the-blank lines that describe all the reasons why you two stuck together. It is a great way to tell them why do you think they’re a bomb, so go ahead and fill in that blank!

Price: $6.78

Get the fill-in-the-blank journal here

11. A Headphone Splitter

A Headphone Splitter Photos

Have you ever been faced with a problem that your bestie and you want to listen to the music or watch a movie together somewhere on a plane or on a bus, but you only have one pair of headphones that you can use? Well, don’t you ever worry again – this Y-shaped headphone splitter is your new best mate (well, apart from the already existing one – you don’t want to get rid of them)! You can now listen to the same track on the same phone and get the full experience of it!

Price: $8.99

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12. A Boobie Necklace

A Boobie Necklace Images

This gift is for those girlfriends who are as close as real sisters (sometimes even closer than that). You two have seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. Why don’t you acknowledge the relationships you two have with such a unique gift?

Price: $33

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