Birthday Gift for Daughter

If your daughter is fickle, getting her a gift for her birthday can be quite tricky. You never actually know what is going to enter her head that day and yet your biggest desire is to present her with the best gift on planet Earth, right? Well, this is exactly why we are here – to help you find the best birthday gift ideas for your daughter! You can’t go wrong with a nice sophisticated piece of jewelry or some unique items for their room, so why don’t you go online shopping or just browse the market for a bit? Trust us, these ideas will get you inspired right away!

A Birthstone Necklace – Best Gift for Daughter

A Birthstone Necklace Images

Nothing says ‘best daughter ever’ better than a really nice piece of jewelry. This necklace is sweet and delicate AND personalized in a way – you can pick the one that corresponds with your daughter’s birth month and boom – you are nominated for the ‘best parent ever’ award! Think on your speech!

Price: $12.99

Best Birthday Chronicle for Daughter

A Birthday Chronicle Pics

This paper shows everything that happened in history on the day your sweetheart girl was born! You both would absolutely love it for all the nostalgia and memories long forgotten.. Enjoy such a unique and outstanding gift with the whole family!

Price: $11.95

Letters To My Daughter – Good Birthday Gift

Letters To My Daughter Pics

Brace yourself – out of all gift ideas for your daughter’s birthday this one is our personal favourite. In the buildup for your daughter’s 17th or 18th birthday, you can present her with a stack of letters. Hold on, they’re not just some boring letters she will sooner or later get tired of reading – these ones will be written out by you! You can express your feelings in the sweetest way possible and your little one will for sure treasure them forever.

Price: $12.58

Gems in a Treasure Box – Great Bday Gifts for Daughters

Gems in a Treasure Box Photos

If your little one is still too little to read letters or wear jewelry, then this is the perfect present for her! Who wouldn’t love to have a whole load of gems in their own treasure box? True, everyone would go nuts for it. Buy this box of secrets and watch your girlie squeal with joy on her birthday!

Price: $19.90

A Huge Bear – 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

A Huge Bear Photos

Trust us, there’s nothing a girl would enjoy more than a giant plush teddy bear – no matter what age that girl is. If you are wondering what would make her birthday even more exciting, then here’s your answer! Gift her with the celebration of dreams and a cuddle buddy in one and watch the magic happen before your eyes.

Price: $82.14

Happy Birthday Care Package – Present Idea for Daughter

Happy Birthday Care Package Images
If your daughter is a foodie, why don’t you invest into her biggest passion? She would find this selection of birthday snacks amazing as on birthdays calories don’t count, right?

Price: $22.95

A Box Sign – Special Gift for Daughters

A Box Sign Photos
If you are a mother looking for some perfect birthday gifts for your daughter, then you’ve come to the right place. This box sign is fantastic if you want to express your motherly love to your sweet little girl (even if she’s not that little anymore). We are sure she will love it!

Price: $10.45

Love Knot Necklace – Unique Bday Present Idea

A Love Knot Necklace Photos

A necklace is a great present by itself, but a necklace that has a secret meaning is even greater! This pendant is called a ‘love knot’ and it will symbolize all the love you have for your daughter. Jewelry is great because it will last for a long time and despite being quite subtle, it always has a meaning and is always close to heart.

Price: $19

Willow Tree Close To Me – Meaningful Gift for Daughter

Willow Tree Close To Me Pics

This gorgeous statue has it all – a mother is a symbol for comfort, guidance and protection. She is always there when her child needs support or a shoulder to cry on, so why don’t you remind your daughter of that? This gift comes in a lovely box with a card ready to be personalized for your girl’s special day.

Price: $29.95

Fun Mug – Popular Present on Birthday

A Fun Mug Pics

Are you a dad and looking for a perfect gift for your daughter’s birthday? Well, why don’t you find her a hilarious one? This mug seems fitting, doesn’t it? Plus, every joke has a bit of truth in it!

Price: $18.97

Hilarious Glass for Your Daughter on Bday

A Hilarious Glass Pics

Some mums don’t want their daughters to ever ever grow up. Others just can’t wait for it to happen, for they know that they will have the perfect wine-drinking partner for all the years to come. This gift is for those mums who fall into the second category – think of all the mother-daughter books clubs you two can have!

Price: $12.99

Cute Sticker Book for Little Daughter

A Sticker Book Images

Now, if your daughter is not yet ready for a wine-endorsed book club, then get her the most fantastic sticker book! Plus, she will have stuff to do whilst she waits for the guests to arrive!

Price: $4.99

A Bracelet – Personalized Gifts for Daugter

A Bracelet Photos

Do you want to show your sweet daughter how much you love her and miss her? With this delicate bracelet, she will always be reminded of how much you care about her. Get her the present of a lifetime that she will be completely obsessed with!

Price: $21.99

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear – Gift from Father

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear Pictures

This adorable plush teddy bear will surely have your daughter’s heart stolen! This is the cutest way to wish someone happy birthday, so what are you waiting for? Give her this bear and watch the smile light up her face!

Price: $16.55