Birthday Gift Bag Ideas

What can make a birthday party even more thrilling than a goodie bag filled with the most incredible stuff? But what if you want to take your gift bag filling to a whole new level? Well, this is where we come to the rescue – we have prepared this list of birthday gift bag ideas that will have your guests in awe of what a great host you are! Or shall we say, hostess with the mostess? With these ideas, you will present everyone with the best, most exclusive selection of snacks, sweeties, stationery and.. many other things – we don’t want to spoil the surprise, after all.

1. Haribos

Haribos Images

Who wouldn’t enjoy a little bag of gummy sweeties in their goodie bag? Haribos always were a treat and nothing has changed since you were six! Pop a little complimentary bag in and there you have it – one of the most perfect birthday goodie bag ideas is actually in the goodie bag you made!

Price: $10.59

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2. Veggie Crisps

Veggie Crisps Pics

If your guests are currently on the health wagon, these veggie crisps will definitely come in handy! They are everything you would ever need – gluten free, non-GMO, vegan and have 40% less fat than your standard potato crisps! Giving your guests a healthy snack to munch on on their way home in a taxi is a nice gesture, so why don’t you try it?

Price: $2.99

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3. A Squishy Cat Toy

A Squishy Cat Toy Photos
Everyone needs a little de-stress from time to time and these squishy cat toys are perfect for that! Toys are loved by both kids and adults, so if your birthday party is child-friendly, these would come as a delight. Go ahead and get them!

Price: $5.99

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4. A bath bomb

A bath bomb Pics
This bath bomb selection is perfect if you want to pop one in a gift bag for your guests. They are amongst some of the best birthday party gift bag ideas because who doesn’t love bath bombs?

Price: $24.95

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5. A Face Mask

A Face Mask Images

To receive a little something that will add to your self-care kit is always a good thing. And a face mask goes a long way for someone who loves looking after their skin! These ones have a secretion filtrate extracted from snails in them, which will make anybody’s skin filled with nutrients necessary to keep their skin fresh and hydrated. You can buy a set of 10 face mask sheets and there you have it – 10 guests sorted!

Price: $17.95

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6. Goldfish

Goldfish Images
Now, try to find someone who didn’t love goldfish when they were kids? There’s nothing better than a salty cheesy snack that you can munch on anytime, is there? Well, this is why we suggest you put a little packet of those into your guests’ gift bags! Trust us, they will be ecstatic to see their childhood favourites on the bottom of their bags.

Price: $9.98

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7. Woodland Animals Party Favor Hats

Woodland Animals Party Favor Hats Photos

Party hats are so much fun! Why don’t you give your guests the time of their lives and present them with a party favor hat of their own? Let’s see who’s the wildest monkey in the jungles!

Price: $5.80

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8. Miniature Puzzle Cube

Miniature Puzzle Cube Photos
Those are great if your guests are crazy for a competition. Try to guess who is going to be the first one to solve the puzzle! This game is an absolute classic and will certainly suit people of all ages – you can compete with your kids or even your grandpa!

Price: $8.99

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9. Roll On Perfume

Roll On Perfume Pics

Roll on perfumes will never go unnoticed – they’re the most needed thing in one’s daily life! Well, maybe not that needed, but you get the gist. It’s always nice to know that you have something in your handbag that is going to help you freshen up a bit after a long day of work hustle. So why don’t you pop that in your guests’ goodie bags and spare them from buying their own? Trust us, your party will get the ‘best party ever’ prize after that!

Price: $11.50

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10. Hawaiian Luau Leis Necklaces

Hawaiian Luau Leis Necklaces Photos

If you are hosting a Hawaiian themed party, these would come in so incredibly handy! You can wear your lei all night long AND they look so good in photos! They are lightweight and easy to fold, so there’s no reason as to why you should not fit them into your goodie bag!

Price: $13.60

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11. Glow In The Dark Stars

Glow In The Dark Stars Pics

Now, you might be surprised by these, but they’re great fun if you need to fill that gift bag with something small! You don’t have to put a whole box in – just sprinkle the little stars on other party favors you have already put into your guests’ goodie bags and that’s it! There you have it – cheap but loads of fun and everyone knows how to use them!

Price: $7.95

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12. Flying Saucers

Flying Saucers Pics

If you are looking for some goodie bag ideas for your kids’ birthday parties then these are THE THING you should get. These sweeties are your all-time childhood favouritess and you have surely got them in your goodie bag back when you were a child. So why don’t you bring back those memories and put these guys into that bag? Go on!

Price: $22.99

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13. Lip Balm

Lip Balm Photos

Who would refuse to get a little moisturizing lip balm in their goodie bag at a party? Along with some fantastic snacks and fun throwback items, the lip balm will only come as a joy enhancer!

Price: $19.98

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14. A Hand Cream

A Hand Cream Photos
Speaking of moisturizing body care, a hand cream is another thing that will come in handy in a goodie bag! It softens, soothes and hydrates the skin AND it smells nice! What else shall you need in a hand cream? Well, maybe the fact that it’s paraben free and vegan? This one is right up your street then! Buy this pack of 6 and pop them into your friends’ goodie bags!

Price: $32.20

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15. A Bookmark

A Bookmark Pics

If you are hosting a party for true bookworms, then a bookmark is something you should consider putting in your guests’ gift bags. You can get it pretty much any style, shape or form OR you can craft them yourself! But not all of us have enough time to get crafting, do we? In that case, you can order some online!

Price: $2.95

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