Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

What does happy belated birthday mean? Well, everything is more than simple: this is an awkward situation when you forget about someone’s birthday. But even if you failed, it’s never too late to say sorry and send your best belated birthday greetings. Don’t know what to say? Don’t worry, we’ve collected some awesome cards, messages, and memes for you!

Attention is precious and valued greatly so try making it up with choosing the best greeting card with warmest wishes and send it or post it in social media this person often uses.


The Best Happy Late Birthday Wishes

If you’re late with wishes, don’t worry. After all, it’s your words that matter. Belated birthday congratulations can be as touching and warm as timely ones, so in this situation, your main goal is to express everything you feel and wish to this person a happy belated Bday. However, it should also be noticed that writing such a greeting is even tougher task mostly because your message is not only about the greetings but also about the apology. Fortunately, there are a lot of cute happy belated B-day wishes, and we’ve selected the best ones for you.

  • Here is wishing you a day that special to you just the way you are to me. I know my wishes are late but they are never-the-less true. Happy Birthday dear, belated!
  • Better late than never? Hope you had the happiest birthday ever.
  • As I missed your birthday so I used the google to find some late birthday wishes to send you. But the best one came from my mind and I want to say “hope you enjoyed a lot on your birthday.
  • Just because I missed your birthday doesn’t mean that you don’t look like a monkey. Hope you had a barrel of fun.
  • May all your dreams come true! Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!
  • May be my greetings are not on time, but our beloved thoughts are always similar and are on time. You are so special to me.
  • Although my birthday wish is too late, my best wishes for your health and happiness are good 365 days a year. Hope you had a happy birthday.

Belated Birthday Greetings for Friend


We cannot imagine our life without friends, and their birthdays are significant to us, but still, we can’t deny that there are different circumstances that can prevent us from sending the warmest wishes to our closest ones. In such cases, the best thing you can do is to say “Sorry, I missed your birthday” and send touching belated wishes. If you aren’t sure that you’ll formulate such a message without any difficulty, look through the pics and quotes we’ve found for you. Any of these greetings will make your dear friend forget about everything and smile!

  • I am sorry I missed your birthday, you have had so many I lost track.
  • I didn’t miss the opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday”. I am just fashionably late.
  • Hope you had a great birthday. I missed eating your cake on your birthday, so I plan to eat at least two desserts today to make up for it.
  • I hope your birthday was all that you hoped for.
  • It feels like you just had a birthday the other day. Oh yeah, you did. Sorry, I am late. Wishing you a belated happy birthday!
  • The saying is “A day late and a dollar short” but I missed your birthday by more than that and there is no gift either. So I guess they need to work on their saying. #justsaying. Happy Birthday.
  • I’m sending you this message late, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you.

The List of Short Happy Belated Birthday Messages


Everything happens, and we all know the situations when we keep in mind all the important dates and then suddenly forget them. Well, we and our memory are not perfect, so don’t take all that too seriously. In this case, all you can do is to say “I forgot your birthday, sorry.” That won’t work with the person who thinks that he or she is the center of the Universe, but we hope that your friends are not that kind of people. Sincere and heartfelt phrases and messages from our list can help you rehabilitate yourself, so don’t miss this chance.

  • I wanted to espresso my feelings about saying Happy Birthday a little latte. I guess that I need to give up decaf!
  • The head forgets – but the heart remembers. Happy Belated Birthday!
  • May be my greetings are not on time but our beloved thoughts are always similar and are on time. You are so special to me…Happy Belated Birthday.
  • Here is wishing you a day that special to you just the way you are to me. I know my birthday wishes are late but they are nevertheless true. Happy Birthday dear, belated!
  • Birthday cheer a little late, I am so sorry mate, This will never happen again, You know I don’t pretend, Belated Happy Birthday!
  • Though I’m little late, but yet I’ve a chance to wish you a very happy late birthday.

Helpful Belated Birthday Wishes and Quotes


The family is the most precious thing in the world, but still, no one is immune from problems. If you forgot the birthday of one of your relatives, don’t worry, at least you can apologize and send your belated birthday wishes. This is not a perfect solution, but it’s better than pretend nothing happened. If you need a helpful quote for cousin, brother or uncle, look through these wonderful wishes and choose the best one to make your close one smile.

  • A belated birthday wish that your life will continue to be filled with the happiness you deserve. Have a wonderful year!
  • I know I’m a little behind on celebrating your special day. May be the reason is you live a very fast life and my one is little slower.
  • I’m very sorry about forgetting your special day, so please accept this belated birthday wish in the spirit it is given. Hope your birthday was incredible…just like you.
  • If you are a day short then you are a dollar short. As I missed your special day by more than so I believe I’ll not have any gift for you. Just kidding. Happy belated birthday.
  • May all your dreams come true! Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!
  • As I missed your birthday, so I’m sending double hugs and kisses as a bonus to make things up. Best belated bday.

Funny Happy Belated Birthday Meme

Well, there’s no denying the fact that you failed. Come on, everyone’s entitled to a few mistakes. Don’t make the situation worse by ignoring this fact, there’s a much better solution! Humor is a powerful tool that can make any person forget about the resentments and smile, so why not use it? Check out the funny memes, and send it to a receiver ASAP!





Awesome Belated Happy Birthday Images

Warm sentiments and heartfelt wishes can solve almost any problems, and in this case, it’s your biggest advantage. No one can resist awesome images with a touching message, so you have a chance to rehabilitate just by sending one. The good news is that we’ve already found the best pics for you, so all you have to do is to choose!





Interesting Happy Belated Birthday Cards

In such situations, we need something more interesting than just “Hope you had a great birthday” phrase. That’s why we recommend you turn your attention to the creative cards, images, and quotes. Of course, that won’t turn back time, but a least you’ll make a receiver smile.