First Birthday Gift Ideas for Baby

So it’s a birthday! Great, isn’t it? Only it’s a birthday of a baby that your best friends had a year ago. You have seen the baby a couple of times and can barely remember their name, yet you still have been invited to a birthday party! A baby’s first birthday party. And you have to bring a present of some sort. But the problem is, you don’t seem to have any baby’s first birthday gift ideas floating around your head, do you? Well, this is where we come to the rescue! This list of birthday gifts ideas for a baby is sure to help you if you are finding it a bit challenging, so get your credit card out – we’re about to do some online shopping.

LED Night Light – gifts for 1 year old

LED Night Light on Images

Night lights are essential for kids. They are the best way of entertainment and also look super cute! The light is also easy to use – you just have to tap the silicone shell and the whale will change color. It has seven different color options as well as a Multicolor Breathing Dual Light Mode, so you can choose one that you fancy spending a night with!

Price: $14.99

Buy the LED Night Light here!

Animated Elephant Plush Toy – First birthday gift ideas

Animated Elephant Plush Toy on Pictures
This elephant is not just your regular plush toy! It can move! His ears flap, he can play peek-a-boo and sing ‘Do Your Ears Hang Low’. Basically, this is the best toy for a baby that loves hugs and singing (that’s pretty much any baby if you are not sure).

Price: $31.95

Get the animated plush elephant toy here!

Squishies! – One year old birthday gift

Squishies Images
Squishies are a THING at the moment. They are like fidget spinners, only softer and look nice! Oh, and they are suitable for babies! They help with teething and are something to grab when you want to play. Plus, these ones come in a 3-pack, so if the parents of a said baby are under a lot of stress (and trust us, they are), the squishies will come in handy!

Price: $11.99

Get the squishies here!

Washable Glitter Paint – baby’s first birthday gifts

Washable Glitter Paint On Pictures
There’s nothing as fun as getting to paint everything around you, is there? Especially if the paint you are using is not just your usual acrylic one. This one has glitter in it! What’s even better for the parents, the paint is easy to wash from skin and clothes, so there’s practically nothing to worry about! Well, apart from the fact that it is still very much non-edible. Watch out for that.

Price: $8.99

Get the washable glitter paint here!

White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub – unique birthday gifts for 1 year old boy

White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub Photos
If you want to go all out for the baby’s first birthday, then this is the perfect gift to buy! This inflatable duck is like a miniature pool for the baby, which makes bath time even more fun than it already was. The duck is padded and has a specially textured bottom so the baby won’t slip. The tub is deflatable, which makes it easier to transfer anywhere!

Price: $11.99

Get the inflatable duck tub here!

Portable Diaper Caddy – first birthday gift ideas for girls

Portable Diaper Caddy Pics
You won’t believe how handy things like these might come! This caddy is great to keep all the necessities at hand at all times AND it looks really stylish! We all know mums don’t have that extra time to make their own caddy (but if you are a mum and you do, we salute you!), so why don’t you gift them a premade one? There’s a little rabbit for the baby as well!

Price: $29.99

Get the portable diaper caddy here!

A Slide – best 1 year old birthday gifts

A Slide On images
There’s nothing as thrilling as a ride on your own slide! You feel like you’re on the top of the world and like you are living your life to its absolute fullest. Want someone else to feel the same? Then why don’t you go ahead and gift them a slide of their own! They might not be ready to go down it just yet, but it will last for ages!

Price: $31.29

Get the slide here!

Soundspa – good first birthday gifts

Soundspa Images
This Soundspa On-The-Go is able to play 4 soothing sounds, which helps with the baby’s sleeping pattern. It has an adjustable volume control, as well as a clip to attach it to the stroller! Buy this small and lightweight gadget to make the lives of your friends a bit easier!

Price: $12.99

Buy the Soundspa here!

Textured Carrot Teether – baby girl first birthday gift ideas

Textured Carrot Teether Pictures
If you don’t have a baby of your own, you might not know that babies are.. let’s just say they are challenging when it comes to teething. They always need to have something to chew on and this little carrot teether is exactly what might help!

Price: $4.99

Get the carrot teether here!

Swing – great first birthday gifts

A Swing On Photos
A swing is perfect if your friends have a back garden! But this swing could also be an indoor one! It has a safety harness and is very lightweight and the steel construction makes it even more durable. What’s not to love about the swing?

Price: $30

Get the swing here!

Thomas Train with Track – present for 1 year old

Thomas Train with Track Images
If you are currently on the lookout for baby boy first birthday gift ideas, then this one would come in incredibly handy! Who would not love to get a train of their own and ride it whenever they want to? Plus, the train works on and off the track!

Price: $139.99

Buy the Thomas Train with track here!

A Teepee – unique birthday Present for 1 year old boy

A Teepee Images
A teepee is perfect for one to hide away and create their own little magical world. It is also great for sleepovers when the baby grows up! This teepee is spacious and has everything one would need for a perfect play. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get it!

Price: $59.99

Get the teepee here!

Nursing Nina Cat – cute first birthday gift for girls

Nursing Nina Cat Photos
Looking for some baby girl birthday present ideas? Well, here we are with a perfect one! This Nina cat is made from ultra-soft fabric and uniquely stuffed with the softest material. Not only it is a great stuffed toy, but it is also a fantastic simulator of nurturing and caring play. Your baby girl would absolutely love it!

Price: $21.99

Get the Nursing Nina cat from here!

Pusheen Happy Birthday Plush for Baby

Pusheen Happy Birthday Plush Pics
What’s not to love about a nice and soft cat toy? Pusheen has become an absolute classic when it comes to gifts, for it is adorable and is always smiling! This one is a special edition, though. It has a birthday cake in its paws and the cutest party hat ever!

Price: $14.79

Get the Pusheen Happy Birthday plush here!

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