40th Birthday Poems

When your friends or relatives have the 40th anniversary, it is important to make the congratulation special due to such an occasion. You are lucky to find this impressive collection of 40th birthday poems on this website. Turning 40 years old poems will help you make your greeting card special and very personal. Some people are not very good in writing personal greeting cards and our poems will help to solve this problem.
Your dear person deserves the best wishes and you are going to do it in a very creative way. This is the perfect way to express your care and love to a person you love. We are very happy to assist you during such an important event in the life of every person. In this collection, you can find some samples of creative congratulations and modify them a bit to make them even more creative and personal.

40th birthday Poems

Forty is a funny age
You are not too old
Yet you will stop being
Adventurous or bold
It’s that time when you
Feel neither strong nor weak
It’s when the future will seem
Not to bright nor bleak
But in such confusing times
My only advice to you
Is to patiently wait
For life to give you what is due
Happy birthday

Turning 40 years old poems

Woman announces
40th birthday
Whilst simultaneously
And pulling out her own hair
Don’t let this be you
Take it gracefully and smile
The best is yet to come
40 really is
the beginning

40th birthday poems with images

Beauty enhancements and fast cars,
Will surely cure those inner scars.
Dreaded reunions retro to the brink,
Act convinces, you may need a shrink.
Perpetual shopping and activities galore,
Always follow home improvements endless chore.
Refined tastes since everything seems clear,
Tropical travels a second career.
Health conscious at Forty,
Will make you sporty.
Just don’t slow down,
Or you’ll look like a clown.

40th Birthday Poems

40th birthday cards

Now that you’ve turned 40
You’re old enough to know
There are some things now
That will happen sorta slow
Losing weight will be hard
And your hair may be thin
But nothing has to keep you
From having a great big grin

Happy 40th birthday poems

Just because you’re 40,
Don’t despair, oh no
Overnight you won’t discover
You’ve lost your get up and go.
Nor will you become all wrinkled,
Nor ache from head to toe.
So even though you’re ripening
Don’t regard it as a blow,
You won’t suddenly look decrepit ….
…Cos that happened long ago!

Poems about 40th birthday

Don’t look glum on your birthday
Because now isn’t the time
To reminisce about your first kiss
Or for all those times
If you’d only had a dime
Turning 40 is a celebration
A cause for joy as we endeavor
To understand that as we live
It becomes one big adventure
Happy 40th!

Best 40th birthday poems

40th Birthday Poems for a Friend

40th birthday poems for a friend is the key to make your congratulation unique and special. The only thing you will have to do is to pick up the poems you like most of all and insert it into a beautiful greeting card. All these birthday poems are dedicated to people you love and treat in a special way.

40th birthday poems for a friend

See how far you’ve come
How far you have to go
See how amazingly you have
Beaten all of life’s lows
See how you’ve managed
To do the unthinkable
See how all your success
Has made you so exceptional
On your birthday I wish
More expectations you exceed
In life no matter what
May you always succeed
Happy 40th birthday

Happy 40th birthday poems for a friend

Today, as you leave your twenties behind
Old age will descend on you, we think you’ll find
It’s your birthday so, you deserve the truth
You’re no longer in the first flush of youth

By Mr Advancing Years you’ve been most definitely caught
It’s time to become a more sensible sort
But hey, tomorrow’s soon enough to turn that page
Drink alcohol to forget your decrepit old age

By Margmax 2009

40th birthday poems on images for a friend

40 is your perfect age to
Do anything you want to do
Creativity and common sense
Have been refined in you
You’re mature in your wisdom
Your spirit is aged and bold
Humor is your shield of fire
And your heart is solid gold

40th birthday poems on pictures for a friend

A milestone we wish not to neglect,
You are the one! We chose to elect.
Your office consists of four decades of work,
Please start producing, if you care for the perk.
With youthful charisma, you bring many smiles,
That stretch, every corner; reach countless miles.
Success shall accompany, sound judgment and sense,
If you decide to sell, do not forget to dance.
From the beginning, our vote you have earned,
Through your examples, so much we have learned.
We gather here to thank you and say,
Happy 40th with a birthday buffet.
By Martin Dejnicki

Friends poems about happy 40th birthday

You must be really happy
For having a great life
A good house and great kids
Along with a wonderful wife
You must be overjoyed
For you have achieved a lot
To get here you’ve worked
Really hard and fought
Congratulations on reaching
Life’s most amazing juncture
From here on, I assure you
Things will only get better
Happy 40th birthday

Sweet happy 40th birthday poem for my friend

As you grow each year,
To the sky without fear.
Sound judgment and roots,
Sweeter than fruits.
With seasons you change,
Isn’t that strange?
Standing tall and strong,
You know you belong.
Many climb for support,
You’re a great sport.
At forty, a young tree,
We must all agree.
By Martin Dejnicki

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