30th Birthday Quotes

Are you searching for creative 30th birthday quotes? Happy 30th birthday can be very creative and personal. We have collected the best 30th birthday quotes, the ones you have never seen before. We will assist you in writing perfect birthday wished to your friends, colleagues, and members of your big family. When a person turns 30 years old, this is a very important event. A person is considered to be fully mature and ready to enter a new life circle.
You should cherish this wonderful moment altogether. You will see that after your sweet congratulation your friend, partner or relative will get a pair of wings and will be ready to fly high. This is the time when a person starts to build his career, create a family and raise up children. Wish him all the best!

30th birthday quotes

You are at that juncture when the experience of your past and the ambition for your future will help you make all the right decisions in your life. Happy 30th birthday.

I’m in the unpleasant duty of telling you that your 20s have lost the battle against time. From now on, the 30s are in command of your hopes and dreams. Happy 30th birthday!

Being 30 means more accomplishments and success to achieve, more friends to meet and a new set of chaos to test you out. Are ready to take on this journey? You have made it through a memorable three decades of adventure. I am sure you proven to yourself just how strong you are. Happy 30th birthday.

Turning thirty is like driving down the freeway and seeing a welcome sign to the rest of your life. Enjoy your special day!

You are now an official mature and responsible adult. This means you also have to start acting like one. Happy 30th birthday from all of us!

Happy 30th Birthday

Don’t worry if you’ve officially left your 20s. Think of the 30s as the 20s of the 40s! Happy 30th birthday! May you achieve all your dreams in life and also the courage to take them on.

Don’t worry. You are not really 30. You are 21 with 9 years of experience. Let’s celebrate!

Don’t let turning thirty give you the jitters – live life to the fullest to give your heart the sweetest flutters. Happy 30th birthday.

Wishing you all the happiness, health and success you deserve…A lot. Have an fantastic 30th birthday!

If turning 30 could look as effortlessly beautiful as you, then I need stop worrying when I am near that milestone. It only shows that you have faced life with positivity even though you were peppered with difficulties along the road. You are such an inspiration! Happy birthday!

Your physical prime might be in decline, but at least your mental prime is on it’s way! Happy 30th.

Turning 30 quotes

Turning 30 quotes which are presented in this collection will help you to pick up the best quote. Quotes about turning 30 will fill the day of your friend with love and words of wisdom.

Turning 30 quotes

I’m in an unpleasant duty of telling you that your 20s have lost the battle against time. From now on, the 30s are in command of your hopes and dreams. Happy 30th birthday!

Maybe you dread the big 3-0 because It’s getting nearer your 40s. Think of it the other way around. Think of your 30s as something still near to your 20s. Happy 30th birthday!

Congratulations on officially becoming old. Seriously, 30 isn’t that bad. Or at least I’ve heard. Glad it’s you doing it first, and not me.

It does not matter whether you are thirty, thirty five or forty years old. What matters is that you are still a rebellious teenager at heart. Happy birthday.

Happy 30th birthday! Don’t look so sad! Turning 30 is not so bad. It’s actually pretty cool. I think you’ll like the 30s.

The raging winds may try to break you, the rough seas may try to topple you over, but you will not falter I know. The ground may shake beneath your feet, you may feel weak and fall over, but you will not surrender I know. In spite of these atrocities, these maladies that tries to break your spirit, you always choose to fight I know. Here you are my friend, 30 years into your journey, a seasoned fighter with a joyful heart. Happy birthday!

Quotes about turning 30

If you’re this depressed now, what are you going to do when in ten years you hit the big 4-0 mark? Come on, I’ll even help you blow off all these candles. Happy 30th birthday!

30 is the age between youth and old age. Make the most of it before you  past the point of no return – your forties! Happy birthday.

This cake is sweet but definitely not sweeter than you. And for the record, you’re already 30! Classic! Enjoy more sweet treats from this life! Happy birthday!

At 30, any weight gain can only be attributed to the wisdom of old age. So go ahead and dig into that cake. Your birthday only comes once a year. Enjoy it!

Your energy levels and your zest for life make me feel that you are the youngest thirty year old I have ever met. Happy birthday.

30th birthday message for a friend

Do you want to make your greeting card memorable? Use this 30th birthday message for a friend and this greeting card will make the person you love truly happy.

30th birthday message for a friend

At 30, you suddenly become more mature, more responsible, more self-disciplined, more reliable, more grown-up: just like your parents. Happy 30th birthday!

Such a wondrous moment for you; it will be a shame if the finest is not served on your 30th chapter. Have as much champagne as you want. You can start your diet tomorrow and indulge on that cake to your heart’s content. Happy 30th birthday!

Happy 30th! You are now officially three decades old. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?! Don’t worry, you’ll soon be over the hill! Happy birthday!

Say farewell to the 20-somethings. May they rest in peace! Long live the 30-somethings. Happy 30th birthday!

By 30, you have learned who your real friends are, and who you should let go. I’m happy to say that I am still by your side, and plan to be well beyond our 60s. Happy birthday, friend.

On your 30th, I want to convey my best wishes and I hope that the best job, best promotion, best holiday and best home in your life are yet come. Happy 30th birthday.

30th birthday text sms for a friend

30 is as good as any age — if not more so — to start making your dreams come true! Have a great 30th birthday! Here’s hoping it’s the start of something really big!

There is nothing to be worried about. Your age is still a number in the calendar. You have 2 more years to go before you get kicked out. Happy 30th birthday!

May God bless you on this very special day. I wish you good health, positivity and lots of love. Happy 30th birthday!

Happy Birthday to the hottest 30 year old I have ever met. Who cares about maturity? It is your birthday, you are more than allowed to act like crazy!

I heard someone was turning 30. When I heard it was you, I couldn’t believe it. You don’t look a day over 29. Happy birthday, if it is indeed true.

Happy Dirty 30th Birthday

Does your dear person have an anniversary soon? Happy dirty 30th birthday ideas are very funny. This is a great idea to make the greeting card funny and creative.

Happy dirty 30th birthday

If you can’t blow up all your birthday balloons without gasping for air, good luck getting older. Happy 30th birthday.

To me, you’re still a wide-eyed kid — with three decades of hard knocks and easy pickings to call yourself 30. Happy 30th birthday!

Dear love, look how far we have come! We have been together for (insert number of years) and yet, it feels like yesterday when I first laid eyes on you. I cannot imagine being with anyone else at this point. We have a long road ahead of us and I hope that we will stay together until we reach another milestone. Happy 30th birthday!

Now that you’ve turned thirty, you’ll get a lot more respect than you did at 29. Enjoy it! Happy birthday!

Happy 30th. Remember they say that wrinkles are a sign of wisdom, and gray hair is a sign of….oh, never mind. You should probably just get some hair dye.

Going to your 30th birthday party is like attending the farewell party of your youth and the welcome party of the beginning of the rest of your life. Happy 30th birthday.

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Husband

Happy 30th birthday wishes for husband

Party as much as you want on your special day, but don’t go too crazy. After all, you’re in your 30s now, so you could wake up with a nasty hangover and what tastes like cat litter in your mouth. Happy 30th birthday!

You will be the coolest 30 year-old I know. No one can keep up with my jokes and games as much as you do. Like they all say, there is always a child in us. Happy 30th birthday!

Aging is a hard process, especially when you begin a new decade. You start realizing that time is indeed going by and that you are growing old. However, aging is also a great thing. We become more responsible and mature. Let’s look on the positive side and let’s celebrate your wonderful milestone. Happy 30th birthday!

At thirteen, you were officially a teenager. At twenty-one, you were officially an adult. But at thirty, you are unofficially old. Happy 30th birthday.

Hey! Did you hear that 30 is the new 20? No? Well, neither did I! You’re still awesome anyway! Happy Birthday!

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30th birthday images

30th birthday pictures

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Turning 30 pictures

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30th birthday pictures for a friend

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